6 Reasons to Buy Your Next Bike Online

Virtual Bike Fit.  Buy your next bike online.  Bicicletta.

Buying a bike is a big decision and there are many aspects to consider from ride style to sizing to component specs. From our detailed photos to our knowledgeable staff to our assembly and quality check, our goal is to ensure that your bike arrives quickly, safely, and with minimal assembly. Over the last 30+ years of bike sales, we've delivered thousands of bicycles across Canada, and like our thousands of customers, we know you'll find BICICLETTA sets the bar for online bike buying.

30+ Years of Experience

Beginning in 1984 with a nation-wide mail-order catalog, BICICLETTA has been delivering bikes to our customers. Over this time, we have developed a thorough understanding of how to ensure an efficient, safe, and secure shopping experience for our customers. We continually strive to improve our experience and are constantly updating our website and fulfillment processes.

Virtual Bike Fitting

For over 30 years we have been dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients not only get the RIGHT bike but that they also get the best FITTING bike. To that end, we have developed the BICICLETTA Virtual Bike Fit. Our Virtual Bike Fit is a free service offered to our customers looking to buy a new bike online. It is designed to make it easy for you to purchase a new bike with the same confidence you would when visiting our stores.

Unparalleled Selection

We know that finding your perfect bike can be a bit daunting. BICICLETTA makes your search easy with our industry-leading inventory of bikes from the world’s best brands. To help you make the right choice, our product experts are available 7 days a week by phone, chat, or email/text. 

Customize your Dream Bike

Your bike is like an extension of you. We totally get that and have worked out several ways for you to find your perfect match. Whether you're looking for the best-of-the-best, wanting to match your personal taste, or trying to build something truly unique, our product experts can make your dream build a reality. Our knowledgeable staff are ready with the tools to find the perfect combination of parts and price that you're looking for.

Ready to Ride Bike assembly + Shipping

Our Ready to Ride bike assembly and quality check ensures that your bike has been thoroughly vetted for performance and safety. Once your bike has been fully assembled, test ridden, it is packed in our specially designed bike box. Most bikes can be fully reassembled in less than 4 steps and 10 minutes. After your bike arrives, we recommend booking a follow-up appointment so we can address any concerns you may have and assist with getting you ready to ride.

Dedicated Support + Service

The purchase of a new bike is just the beginning of the support we offer to our clients. Our product experts are here 7 days a week to offer guidance on selecting the right bike for you, follow up service, or if any issues occur down the road. We have a dedicated warranty department that will assist you throughout the warranty process should anything go awry. We are here to support your bike purchase right from the start! 

Ready to take your riding to a new level? Book your Virtual Bike Fit with us today!

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