Save up to 3 Minutes on Your Fondo Time: Contact Points

Contact Points

Time savings: 1-3 minutes

Hands, feet, and bum. These are the three parts of the body that actually connect us to our bikes. Ensuring these areas are optimized will be the final piece of the puzzle.

Gloves and handlebar tape can make a good ride a great one. New bar tape will improve grip, control, and comfort while making your bike look awesome. Although some riders don’t wear gloves we recommend it for a few reasons. First, you protect your hands if you happen to crash! Second, good gloves offer superior comfort and control over bare hands. Third, a good glove will have a sweatband built-in to help keep your forehead/face clear of sweat.

The right shoes might just be the most important piece of cycling kit. A stable, efficient, and comfortable connection to your bike ensures efficient power transfer while preventing discomfort, swelling, and blisters. Look for a lightweight carbon sole and enough room in the toe box for your feet to expand while riding. We stock one of the best selections of road shoes in Canada featuring the top brands including Specialized, Giro, Shimano, and Sidi.

The chamois knows. Originally made from animal skin that had to be softened with lotion before each ride, the modern bike short is all synthetic and incredibly comfortable and technical.

We only stock bib shorts which help to reduce pressure around your midsection and improve ride quality. The top shorts feature compression fabrics to support the muscles and ultra-comfortable materials. Add some luxury to your ride with Assos Chamois Creme, and have a great ride!

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Cycling Bibs
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