Save 2 Minutes on Your Fondo Time: Drivetrain Details

It's all in the Drivetrain Details

Time Savings: 1-2 minutes

An often overlooked area of bicycle performance is the drivetrain. Optimized properly, your bicycle's drivetrain can seriously affect the efficiency of your race.

Although you can certainly invest in top-quality aftermarket pulleys, chains, and bottom brackets, the quickest way to optimize your current setup is quite simple. Here are five easy steps using the Muc-Off line of products.

  • Clean everything! Remove the wheels from your bike. Using a degreaser, spray your chain, cranks and cassette. Use an old t-shirt or microfibre cloth to clean the parts (ideally, remove the chain first).

  • Floss the individual cogs of the cassette to remove any built-up debris.

  • Use a biodegradable cleaner to spray down the rest of your bike and wipe off with a cloth.

  • Install the wheels back onto your bike.

  • Lubricate the chain on the inside rather than the outside. Think less is more and after spinning through the gears, wipe off the excess to help prevent dirt from sticking.

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