Save up to 5 Minutes on Your Fondo Time: Fueling for the Day

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Time Savings: 3-5 minutes

Fueling for the Fondo is one of the most important aspects of a fast time. That means starting the day off right with an early breakfast and then having a race plan. We recommend trying and training any new food/drink items before race day. Here is our suggestion for a fast day and a sub-4-hour finishing time.


Breakfast should be high in carbohydrates for easy digestion. (pancakes, muesli with fruit and almond milk, multigrain toast with nut butter and preserves) and a coffee.

On-site and ready to head into the starting corrals have an extra bottle of water with ½ scoop of sports drink.

Race start!

For the first 30 minutes of the Fondo, your stored glycogen from breakfast will suffice. After that, you should be consuming fuel every 30 minutes or so. Alternate between a gel and ½ an energy bar.

You are an hour into the race and should be about ½ way through your first bottle. For the first hour, we recommend plain water only. After that, alternate between plain water and sports drink. Overconsumption of sports drink can lead to taste bud fatigue and “gut rot”.

Two hours in and the fatigue is starting to build in your legs. Keep up the intake of fuel and hydration to ensure proper power output and reduce the chance of bonking!

Homestretch. You are more than halfway, so now is the time to start laying down that extra power! There are no extra points for finishing the Fondo with food in your pockets, nor fluid in your bottles. If you have any caffeine gels, now is the time to use them. By using caffeine later in the race, you will allow your body to more effectively burn carbohydrate (glycogen) for fuel. In the final hour that caffeine will REALLY kick in and give you the boost you need


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