Save Another 3 Minutes on Your Fondo Time: Performance Protection

Performance Protection

Time savings: 3 minutes

Gone are the days when riders had to choose from heavy, poorly vented helmets. Todays road cyclists have an abundance of options, colors, and styles. Much like choosing aerodynamic carbon wheels and an aero bike, why shouldn’t your helmet help you ride faster?

The fastest aero helmets used to be reserved strictly for time trials but that same technology is now available to roadies too. Our selection includes the fastest aero-road helmets from POC, Specialized, Kask, and Giro. Not only are these helmets going to help lower your race time, but they are also lightweight and provide the necessary ventilation.

POC Cycling Helmets - Bicicletta


Specialized Cycling Helmets - Bicicletta Vancouver



Giro Cycling Helmets - Bicicletta Vancouver


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