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Ibis Mountain Bikes are one of the pioneers in the mountain biking industry, IBIS began in 1981 in Mendocino, California. Their founder Scot Nicol was one of the first mountain bikers and began building steel frames. Today, IBIS creates some of the most beautiful and technologically advanced bikes in the world.

On April Fools day of 1981, Scot Nicol hung up his shin­gle” on a funky lit­tle shop a few miles east of Men­do­ci­no Cal­i­for­nia. On that day, 38 years ago, Ibis was start­ed with­out mon­ey and with­out a plan. Today they’re locat­ed in San­ta Cruz with 26 (or so) peo­ple work­ing at Ibis. Their 5 own­ers all work full time for the com­pa­ny. Hans Heim is their CEO, Tom Mor­gan is their pres­i­dent, Col­in Hugh­es leads their engi­neer­ing depart­ment, Roxy Lo is their design­er and Scot tries to stay out of the way.

Bicicletta is PROUD to be Canada's largest Ibis account and give people the option to ride the Legendary bikes over Legendary terrain.

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