Blair's Mosaic RS-2

My all time favourite bike is the Mosaic RS-2


It's driven by Campagnolo Chorus 11, and rolling on either alloy wheels for mixed terrain and training or Mavic Comete with hand painted graphics for going speedy. The rest of the components of the bike are a mix of Zipp and Thompson chosen for durability while keeping the weight reasonable and being manufactured as close to home as possible.



What I like most about this bike is how versatile it is. From a race bike to commuter to bike packing to minor MTB trails it has done it all. It's a race bike built up to be durable enough for a daily driver and survive getting bumped into from living in a van with it.

It's not the lightest bike at 17.5lb, but it's also steel and has deep aero wheels, is still very fast, extremely comfortable and rides like dream. What truly makes this bike unique is that it was built up to my exact specifications, color, geometry, and size. It fits me perfectly and not so much anyone else.

Being a bespoke bike I don’t plan to ever let it go and look forward to riding it for years. 

Words and images by Blair Van Andel