Riding at Night - Lights

Here in Vancouver the days get very short in the fall and winter (not to mention the rain) so some people stop riding, but with the proper gear you can continue to ride year-round. Lights are an important component of night riding and are especially important if you are riding in areas without street lighting (like parks) or on trails.
By law cyclists should have a front (white) light and a rear (red) light while on the roads at night, plus reflective material on the bike and clothing helps with visibility. In urban areas being seen is important, so 200 - 500 lumens is probably sufficient, while on trails being able to see is crucial, requiring lights in the 1000 lumen range.
On trails, in addition to a handlebar-mounted light, a helmet-mounted light is essential, allowing you point it where you are going, to see ahead on curves. A wide-beam light on the bars and a spot-beam on your head is the ideal combination. Having both can be helpful on the road too, allowing you to alert cars approaching from the side, and helping you to do repairs or find your keys while off the bike.
Lighting and battery power has increased dramatically, so that lights in the 1000 lumen range are affordable (~$100) and a good 500 lumen light can be purchased for $50. On longer rides it can be a good idea to carry a spare set of lights or batteries, in case your primary light runs out. Most lights last about 2-3 hours on high mode, longer in low or flashing modes. The more powerful lights can be all-in-one units or have a seperate battery pack that can be stored in a backpack or mounted to the frame.
Try to be considerate of other road users, by pointing powerful lights down at the road and using flashing mode only in the daytime or at dawn/dusk. 
Shop our collection of lights here, stay safe, and get out there and enjoy the empty trails.