Riding in the Rain

No one loves riding in the rain, but with proper gear you can arrive at your destination comfortably and safely.
Arguably, the most important item of clothing for riding in the rain is a quality jacket - you need to keep your core warm and dry, without overheating. Bicicletta sells brands like Rapha, Pas Normal Studios, Assos and 7mesh
One of the highest rated products is the 7mesh Revelation, made with GORE-TEX Pro®, chosen for its superior ability to provide breathability with durable weather protection. The Thunder Pants make a great companion piece, keeping your lower half protected in the harshest conditions. 
Extremities are vulnerable to the weather - when your hands and feet get wet and cold it can be extremely uncomfortable. The worst-case scenario is when your hands can’t function properly to shift or use the brakes! Gloves need to provide insulation while allowing you to manipulate the brakes and gears. Shoe covers (or “booties”) help to keep your feet warm and dry, and keep your shoes from getting dirty.
There are many options for protecting your head and ears, such as helmet covers, caps, headbands and hoods. Most are designed to be worn under the helmet, while hoods and covers can go over, keeping the helmet dry. 
The Assos ASSOSOIRES Rain Cap is a good option, as the peak helps to keep the rain out of your eyes.
Fenders might make you slightly less aero, but they keep dirty, grimey water from spraying up onto you and your drivetrain. Also the person behind you!
SKS Raceblade Long 700c offer good coverage and feature a quick-release fitting system.
Be cautious about puddles, you never know how deep they actually are, or if there is hidden debris, or a deep pothole. Visibility is often poor when it rains, so wear bright clothing and use daytime lights.
When you’re done, give your bike a quick wipe-down (especially the chain) and store somewhere dry. Apply some lube to prevent rust and further wear and tear.