Indoor Training

As the leaves fall and the outdoor season takes its final bow, it's easy to feel a pang of sadness. But guess what?

Friend or Foe, it's time for some indoor riding.  

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A quick breakdown of smart trainers!

A smart bike is not your typical stationary exercise bike; it's a complete indoor cycling experience meticulously designed to replicate outdoor riding.

Unlike traditional gym or spin bikes, smart bikes don't rely on simple friction brakes. Instead, they aim to recreate the authentic sensation of pedaling outdoors.

Various companies have their own unique approaches. For instance, Tacx focuses on simulating different road surfaces, while the Wahoo Kickr Bike offers incline and decline capabilities.

Regardless of the approach, smart bikes prioritize accuracy, stability, and replicating the outdoor cycling experience.

Think of smart bikes as the natural progression from traditional trainers. Initially, wheel-on trainers were groundbreaking, then came smart resistance.

However, as manufacturers aimed to add more resistance, they encountered the challenge of tire slip. Smart bikes represent the culmination of this evolution, offering a holistic indoor cycling experience that closely mirrors riding outdoors.

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Wahoo KICKR V2 Smart Bike

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