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The Giro d’Italia, the Tour de France, the Grand Classics. Racing is etched in our history. The bike: a means for reaching the goal.


Unrivaled Speed.

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Cycling rediscovers its essence


Discover your connection with nature.

If you have the deepest of pockets and are in the market for a thoroughbred superbike, the Filante is one of the best looking bikes of the year and one of the best riding too.


The Wilier Jena is a versatile gravel bike that's fast and reactive when you want to go out for a blast and fully capable of taking you on an off-road bikepacking adventure.


The best fast gravel bike for those who prioritize all-out race performance over comfort


The Wilier Filante is a lightweight aero road bike that offers a reactive performance, quick handling, and a surprisingly comfortable ride.