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Factor Bikes boldly defines the cycling scene, fearlessly taking risks and shaking up the industry with avant-garde design and uncompromising performance. A beacon of innovation, Factor Bikes is the go-to choice for riders who dare to embrace a new standard of boldness and excellence in the cycling world.

"Yes, being a pro-tour bike supplier is of course a representation of success, but, dominating and grabbing the attention of young and old, traditional and new, demands risk taking and Factor has executed beautifully. "

Product Team

Cutting-edge Innovation

Factor Bikes is renowned for pushing the boundaries of cycling technology, incorporating innovative features and materials into their designs.

High-Performance Precision

The brand is synonymous with creating top-tier bikes that deliver exceptional speed, aerodynamics, and overall performance.

Motorsports Heritage

Factor's roots in motorsports, with collaborations with prestigious brands like Ferrari and Aston Martin, contribute to its reputation for excellence and attention to detail.

Best Sellers


Factor OSTRO VAM 2.0 (Shimano/Black Inc 45)

From $7,590.97 USD

Factor OSTRO VAM 2.0 (SRAM/Black Inc 48/58)

From $9,257.44 USD

Factor OSTRO VAM 2.0 Frameset

$5,406.04 USD

Factor O2 Force AXS D1 w/ Power Meter Midnight Pink 52cm

Sold Out

Who is Factor?

Factor Bikes, born in 2007 as an offshoot of BF1 Systems, has been a trailblazer in high-performance cycling. From collaborating with iconic brands like Ferrari and Aston Martin in its early years, Factor quickly evolved into a force in the cycling industry. With groundbreaking models like the ONE, O2 VAM, and HANZŌ, Factor Bikes continues to redefine standards, weaving innovation, speed, and performance into the very fabric of its DNA.

Why do we sell Factor?

We admire Factor Bikes for their unwavering commitment to innovation and performance. Their history of pushing boundaries and creating cutting-edge models aligns seamlessly with our passion for providing cyclists with top-tier, high-performance options.

Factor Bikes' dedication to excellence mirrors our own commitment to offering enthusiasts the best in cycling experiences.


Factor OSTRO VAM 2.0 (SRAM/Black Inc 48/58)

From $9,257.44 USD

Factor O2 VAM Ultegra Di2

$8,368.66 USD

Factor OSTRO VAM 2.0 Frameset

$5,406.04 USD
Factor Factor Lando HT Vintage Blue / XS


$6,591.09 USD

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Where are factor bikes made?

Factor Bikes are manufactured in Taiwan, where the company has established a relationship with a dedicated manufacturing facility.

Can I do a custom build?

Yes, Factor Bikes offers the option for custom builds, allowing you to tailor specific components and features to create a bike that aligns perfectly with your preferences and riding style.

Why are they more expensive than comparison builds from other brands?

Factor Bikes are often priced at a premium compared to some other brands due to several factors. Firstly, Factor has a strong emphasis on innovation, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and materials in their designs. The brand's collaboration with the motorsports industry and the incorporation of advanced features contribute to the higher manufacturing costs.

Additionally, Factor Bikes are known for their meticulous attention to detail, craftsmanship, and commitment to producing high-performance machines. The use of top-quality materials and the brand's dedication to staying at the forefront of cycling technology can also contribute to the higher cost.

Ultimately, the premium pricing reflects the brand's commitment to providing cyclists with state-of-the-art, top-tier bikes that deliver exceptional performance and quality.