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Hi there, Trish here. I’m a Bici Rider Support Agent based out of Toronto.

On the saddle I love road and gravel. I don’t really like to ride the same route twice but if I had to choose only one route to ride, it would probably be a combination of Lakeshore paths to Whitby and then north to the Durham Destroyer. I love filling my bags with snacks, riding out to the middle of nowhere and reading a book for a few hours. I like to change up my bike collection fairly often, but my current stable includes a custom All-City Cosmic Stallion with GRX and a Lynskey R300 with Ultegra.

I’m absolutely in love with Specialized Power saddles. For tires I like the Ultradynamico CAVAs, Teravail Cannonball or a pair of Bon Jon Passes by Rene Herse.

Off the saddle, I constantly have my nose in a book. I just finished my undergrad in psychology at Ryerson. Now I’m studying Biotechnology at Seneca. Afterwards, I’ll probably start grad school. Bike + books = heaven.

Favourite ride: Lakeshore paths to Whitby


Rider Support Agent