Bike Bag Rental Program


Scicon Aerotech Bike Bag - Reserve w. Bicicletta's Bike Bag Rental Program Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 ROAD external bag


Going on an adventure with your bike? Our SCICON Bike Bag/Case Rental program offers an affordable and convenient way to bring your bicycle on your upcoming trip or vacation in a Scicon AeroComfort Bag or AeroTech Hardcase. We offer several types of travel gear to match your needs and protect your bicycle while traveling. 

  • Scicon Aerotech Hard Case
  • Scicon Aerocomfort Tri Bag
  • Scicon Aerocomfort Road Bag
  • Scicon Aerocomfort MTB Bag

Why rent?

It's affordable and convenient. You can rent a Scicon Aerocomfort Bag or Scicon Aerotech Case for a fraction of what you'd pay for a new one.

Where do I pick up my bag?

Once your have booked your bag with us, you can arrange to pick your bag up at either of our locations.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

Yes! Simply add your address when booking the bike bag and we can do the rest!

Can you pack my bike for me?

Absolutely! Our expert mechanics can pack or unpack your bike if you'd like or we can walk you thru the process in store.

How do I return rented items?

When you return from your trip simply drop the rental bag at either of our locations.
To arrange your rental complete the form below or call 604-872-2424.