Service & Repair

Black OPEN UP with Enve wheels 

Basic Service - $110

The lightest tune we offer.

Light in price,  but, that's about it.

We adjust the gears & brakes, true both wheels, 
lube the chain & derailleurs, plus a quick wipe 
down of the frame & wheels.

Easton Wheels with disc brake rotors

Comprehensive Service - $200

Our best selling tune.

We do everything the Basic Service offers, 
plus we clean the chain, cassette & chainrings.

If you want your bike to look & feel fresh again, 
this is the tune for you.

Green Open UP Frame on work bench

Complete Overhaul - $550

This is our specialty.

New frame on the way? Need it built?

We prep the frame, lubricate all of the bearings 
with the appropriate grease and install 
all parts to the correct torque.

Our service hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm