Aero Road Stem

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An aerodynamically honed stem with adjustability to optimize your position.

*This stem is intended for negative drop only and cannot be flipped or reversed in a positive rise.


Material Carbon
Length 100, 110, 120, 130, 140mm (+/-2.5mm with shim)
Rise -12° fixed, -17°/-7° with angle shim
Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Steer Tube Clamp Diameter 1 1/8"
Faceplate Material Aluminum
Hardware Material Titanium
Stack Height 42.5mm with length shim / 45.5mm with angle shim
Torque Spec: Face Plate 5.5Nm
Torque Spec: Steer Tube 5.5Nm
Aero Road Stem
Aero Road Stem