Backcountry Full Frame Pack
Backcountry Full Frame Pack

Backcountry Full Frame Pack

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Highly versatile, the Backcountry Full Frame Pack was designed to carry big, heavy loads over long distances and across technical trails.

The Pack fits into the bike’s main triangle, providing a large space for bulky items — anything from cooking gear and tent poles, to heavy tools on longer expeditions and bikepacking trips. The resulting low centre of gravity is spread along a narrow, central plane, resulting in a Pack that has minimal effect on handling while offering a high volume of storage space.

Attaching securely to the frame with Hypalon-reinforced velcro straps, the Pack is also built from a durable, all-weather material with protected zippers. A yellow interior lining makes finding the right item simple, and a protected battery port is useful for charging devices on the move.