Assos Assos MILLE GT Summer Bib Shorts GTS c2 BlackSeries / XS
Assos Assos MILLE GT Summer Bib Shorts GTS c2
MILLE GT Summer Bib Shorts GTS c2
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The next-generation Assos MILLE GT Summer Cycling Bib Shorts c2 (GTS) push the boundaries of material and construction technology, with improvements across the board to give you sublime cycling comfort. 

Assos never slows down in the pursuit of the finest levels of performance and comfort. The MILLE GT Summer Cycling Bib Shorts c2 (GTS) are the result of this constant striving for excellence. With evolved fabric technologies and construction techniques, these shorts give 360-degrees of stabilization. Multi-layered cushioning built-in, and muscle support to keep you driving forward during your longest and toughest rides. 

Ossidia textile - Muscle-wrapping Compression

When you're at your limits, pushing fitness and endurance to new levels, the OSSIDIA textile provides smooth compression to push back fatigue and fight screaming muscles. Made from ultrathin, highly elastic yarns, Ossidia fits just like a second skin, delivering incredible comfort and flexibility. UPF 50+ also protects you from the sun. 

GTS Bib Straps - Seamless Integration 

When you're riding the GTS bib straps provide firm support for the main body of the shorts but offer a barely-there feel against your body. Super-flexible and wide, the seamless straps offer a body-hugging fit that moves with you while maintaining the ideal position for optimal stability and support.

A-Lock Engineering - Stability Redefined

The race-proven A-Lock Engineering construction is deployed to give the shorts the perfect fit as you jump in and out of the saddle. The bib straps lock the lower part of the shorts and seat pad in place, ensuring unrivalled levels of stability, support and performance. 

Mille GTS C2 Summer Seat Insert

Created to provide support and comfort for your longest rides, the Mille GTS C2 features a 2-layer, dual-density memory foam construction. This provides support and absorbs both micro-vibrations and cushions you against large shocks too. Assos' famous 3D waffle top sheet provides exceptional next-to-skin comfort and superb sit-bone support. 

kraterCooler: System of small holes in the front of the insert that increases airflow so that your sensitive areas are kept cooler.

goldenGate: A patented tech feature that interrupts the stitching along both of the insert’s side panels, allowing more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive, rotational area.

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