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Assos RSR Speed Socks

ASSOS RSR Speed Socks are all-new high performance socks developed to maximize aerodynamic gains
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ASSOS RSR Speed Socks are all-new high-performance socks developed with WorldTour pro team feedback to maximize aerodynamic gains without requiring the extra layer of shoe covers. 
Engineered to save every possible watt in the drag vs. speed binary, ASSOS RSR Speed Socks incorporate the same aerodynamic textile as ASSOS Speed Gloves across the exposed ankle and cuff. The foot is built to transport moisture and maintain cool comfort, ensuring aerodynamics is not at the cost of comfort during hot rides/races. Sock height 18cm/7in.

Sizes: O,I,II
Size Guide:
0= Euro 35-38 | USA-CDN 4-6
I= Euro 39-42 | USA-CDN 6.5-9
II= Euro 43-47 | USA-CDN 9.5-12

FEATURED FABRICS: Windchannel Stripes is an all-new, aerodynamic Lycra blend warp knit that melts across your skin with no folding or creasing, reducing drag more than bare skin alone. This bi-stretch textile grants light compression and stabilizing grip to the cuff. The foot is composed of fast-drying, cooling yarns.
CONSTRUCTION/FIT: An 18cm (7in) cuff extends the aerodynamics without violating UCI regulations, and the material composition maintains fit without the need of silicone grip.
ENGINEERING: Raw Cut: Eliminates transitional ridges, consolidating and complementing the overall aerodynamic gains with a truly second-skin silhouette.

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