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When sweating during indoor training sessions, the Muc-off Sweat Protect spray prevents and stops corrosion on metal surfaces of your indoor trainer, gym equipment or road bike. The salt from your sweat and high humidity quickly leave their mark on unprotected surfaces. This not only looks unsightly, but may also impair the proper functioning of your training tools. The highly effective Sweat Protect spray drives out moisture and even works on surfaces that already have rust and corrosion. Muc-Off Sweat Protect uses additives and inhibitors to form an anti-corrosive non-drying protective film on all treated surfaces. Thanks to the integral tracer dye, you can use a UV torch to check whether you have applied the spray accurately and evenly. The ‘Genius Straw' allows for easy application to hard-to-reach areas to ensure total protection.

· Prevents corrosion on all indoor training devices
· Prevents and stops corrosion and rust on metal surfaces
· Non-drying film
· Integral tracer dye for easy application
· Easy to apply using the spray nozzle or Genius straw
· Protection lasts up to 3 months
· 300 ml spray bottle with combo spray nozzle