2019 S5 Disc

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Survival of the fastest.

The S5 is an aerodynamic road bike built for the fastest sprinters in the world. It is stiffer and more aerodynamic than ever before while offering excellent comfort and ride quality. If you live for the exhilaration of going fast, the S5 will give you every possible advantage.

The S5 is the pinnacle of "system thinking" whereby multiple Cervélo engineers are assigned specific areas of the bike's design in order to focus on perfecting each detail. The result is the stiffest and most aero iteration of the S-Series yet, all while retaining a superior level of ride quality and usability. At this time, this product is only available for pick up in store
Cervelo 2019 S5 Disc
Cervelo 2019 S5 Disc
Cervelo 2019 S5 Disc