Cervélo Cervélo S5 Force eTap AXS Iron Oxide / 48cm
Cervélo Cervélo S5 Force eTap AXS Five Black / 48cm

Cervélo S5 Force eTap AXS

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Brand: Cervélo Groupset: SRAM Force eTap AXS
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The S5 prioritizes aerodynamic performance and stiffness, making it a platform preferred by the fastest sprinters in the world. Don’t think it’s a one-trick pony, though—despite the lateral stiffness, the S5 delivers an incredibly comfortable ride. You’ve no doubt noticed the now-iconic V-Stem. We optimized that shape to deliver the best possible performance in the wind, hid the cables inside, and make enough bar/stem/stack options to fit just about anyone.

When you climb aboard an S5, you won’t just go fast, you’ll feel fast. The frame stiffness, geometry, layup, and tube shapes combine to make a bike that’s comfortable enough to spend all day off the front, but will respond to a last-second acceleration better than anything else. It’ll clear 28mm tires, too, to allow you to fit the newer crop of wider rim/tire combos that help you eke out even more aero advantage.

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Groupset:SRAM Force eTap AXS