Enduro Bites
Enduro Bites
Enduro Bites
Enduro Bites
Enduro Bites
Enduro Bites

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Two pre-cut 100-calorie servings per package. All-natural and free of gluten, dairy, soy protein, peanuts, tree nuts, and GMO ingredients. Handcrafted daily in small batches so every order ships fresh directly from our kitchen.


Fig and Dark Chocolate

A considerable upgrade for your parents' fig newtons, this fig-based bar is studded with real dark chocolate chunks and toothsome figs. Our signature offering, the Fig and Dark Chocolate bar is perfectly balanced and just what your body craves.


Chocolate Espresso

For dawn patrols, lunch rides, and any other time you need a little extra kick. Dark Chocolate Espresso Enduro Bites feature real chocolate with a subtle coffee crunch.


Cinnamon Blueberry

Easy like Sunday morning, our Cinnamon Blueberry Bites are the next best thing to a blueberry muffin. Make your base miles taste like a leisurely breakfast from your favorite cafe.


Lemon Cranberry

Just enough zest to keep your juices flowing. Lemon Cranberry Enduro Bites balance sweet and tart to make a refreshing treat, no matter your workout.