Enduro Enduro MR 17287 ABEC-3 Steel Bearing /each  (17x28x7mm)

Enduro MR 17287 ABEC-3 Steel Bearing /each (17x28x7mm)

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ABEC 3 radial bearing with 17 mm inner diameter, 28 mm outer diameter, 7 mm thickness and double-lip type sealing with light contact, making a labyrinth seal.

ABEC 3 bearings use grade 10 Chromium Steel Balls and 52100 High Carbon Chromium Alloy Races.
The high precision balls are within 10/1.000.000″ round, twice as round as the industry standard, at it's highest level.
The alloy races are made from a vacuum de-gassed process for the purest chromium alloy steel, hardened to R-62, extremely tough and very durable. Polished to a mirror finish for ABEC-3 precision and noiseless movement. The riveted Steel Retainer stands for toughness, ABEC-3 tolerances and noise tested.

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