Huck Norris Huck Norris Meganorris Tubeless Tire Insert
Meganorris Tubeless Tire Insert
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MegaNorris is our new lineup, the first modern insert manufacturer in the world. MegaNorris has a new shape that protects the rim and the tire better than ever. On sandwich and hamburger models there is a new black hard density compound that is more resistant for big impacts and shares the impact to a wider area of the lower density foam. This means that you can ride harder and huck longer.

  • Toast – XC, Trail and Enduro front ~120g
  • Sandwich – Enduro and Trail rear ~200g
  • Hamburger – E-MTB and DH ~250g

You can also make your personal mix. All inserts are sold for every mountain bike wheel, rim, and tire size options


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