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Our live product experts will help you find the indoor setup that is right for you, without having to leave your home.'s Indoor Trainer Shopping is a free service offered to our customers looking to take their indoor training to the next level this off-season. It is designed to make it easy for you to build-out your indoor training setup with confidence and peace-of-mind knowing our expert staff are there to cover all the bases from ordering, to unboxing, to clipping into your first virtual ride.

The Indoor Trainer Shopping appointment involves setting up a phone conversation with one of our experts. They will work with you to make sure that your purchase is a success. One of our experts will walk you through. -

Make and Model - Whether it is a wheel-on trainer, smart trainer or trainer bike, purchasing the right make and model for your indoor training goals is our top priority. Will your bike fit your dream indoor setup? We’ve got all the expertise to advise trainer selection based on any type of bike, thru-axle dimensions, gearing and more.-

Accessories - Getting your trainer room equipped with essentials like mats, fans, steering blocks and more. Our Rider Support team is here to make sure you’ve got the right accessories to stay cool, engaged and motivated.-

Shipping and Receiving - Shipping times and assembly requirements once you receive your indoor training setup. Making sure your equipment arrives and is set up correctly ensures that you get the most out of your indoor season.

Warranty and Returns - Understanding warranty options as well as what is involved with our returns process.
At the end of the process, you will be provided with a quote detailing your purchase that you can execute on our online store at your convenience.

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