MAGURA MAGURA MT5 Disc Brake W/ HC1 Lever

MAGURA MT5 Disc Brake W/ HC1 Lever

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Magura USA has been listening to our riders, shops and fans. We have also been paying close attention to the industry’s most popular forums. Mountain bikers want a version of the MT5 that comes stock with our popular HC 1-finger lever blade. We are excited about our new creation: The MT5 HC, dressed up with neon red caliper rings. As of now this brake configuration is only available from Magura USA. This is not intended as a replacement for the MT5, it’s a new price-point and appeals to single-digit brakers. We feel it’s very important to offer as many brake configurations as possible to cater to as many different riders as possible. That’s why we feel the need to offer an MT5 with a one, and two-finger lever blade. What we are finding is e-bikers prefer the 2-finger lever blade for increased leverage and non e-bikers prefer the single finger lever blades. It all boils down to options and rider preference.
  • Carbotecture® radial master cylinder
  • New price-point: positioned in-between the MT7 and MT5
  • Monobloc triple arch quad piston caliper
  • HC1 alloy lever blade / adjustable reach (upgrade over standard MT5)
  • Flip flop easy bleed design
  • Black with neon red caliper rings
  • Performance brake pads
  • 5-year leak proof guarantee
  • Tubing length: 2,200 mm
  • Weight: 255g

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