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Revel Revel Ranger GX - RW27 I9 1/1 Carbon Wheelset Upgrade

We are making the best full suspension mountain bikes we can dream up using the legendary CBF™ suspension design. We use the best materials, thoughtful design features, and our favorite geometries.Add in our carbon gravel bike and Reynolds853 dirt jump bike and we have a ride for almost any occasion.

Revel Rail29

The Rail29 will be right at home on the top of any enduro race track, the bike park, or all-day epics in the hills. This bike exudes confidence in any terrain and will have you smiling for miles as you Rail corners and Revel the trail.




No suspension, no problem.
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Coming Soon

An efficient pedaller deserves some long rides, so in between hammering local trails as close to flat-out as possible, I’ve got a few long-distance tricks up my sleeve.


Versatility is its strong suit, and it does just about everything well. It's impressively calm and stable on the descents, yet its somewhat conservative geometry gives it sharp handling and above-average technical riding performance. The CBF suspension design works very well and provides a super damp and refined feel with a stable pedaling platform.


The Rascal lives up to its name- it is a sleek looking machine that is mischievously fast, nimble, and adept. Think capability and playfulness in both ascend and full send mode. Our vision for the Rascal was to deliver a confidence-inspiring and ultra-versatile mountain bike in all applications.


The Revel Rail 29 is a seriously solid performer. Long after I'd ridden it enough to write this review, I kept grabbing it to go out for more rides - it was just the one I wanted to ride any time I didn't have specific plans to ride a different bike. I don't want to sound hyperbolic, but I really feel that Revel nailed it - Railed it? - with this one.


The shining star of the Revel Rail 29 is the CBF suspension platform. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the CBF linkage from Canfield is, excuse my French, the shit.