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What is Velosophy?

At Velosophy, they're all about cycling and community. Based in the vibrant city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, they pride themselves on being your cycling go-to. Whether you're craving outdoor adventures, seeking personalized coaching, or looking to spice up your corporate team-building with a cycling twist, Velosophy has something for you. They're not just about hitting the road; they're about building connections and sharing the joy of cycling with everyone.

Interesting Facts

Inclusive Approach

Velosophy welcomes cyclists of all levels and backgrounds to join their programs, fostering a supportive community for riders at every stage.

Progressive Weekend Classes

Velosophy's weekend classes offer immersive experiences with a focus on endurance, climbing intervals, and dynamic group riding, promoting continuous growth and camaraderie among participants.

Experienced Coaching Team

Velosophy boasts an experienced coaching team dedicated to guiding cyclists of all levels, ensuring personalized support and fostering a community-driven approach to riding success.

bici is proud to support


because they embrace cyclists of all skill levels with open arms. Their dedication to education and community-building resonates deeply with us, as we both strive to empower and support every cyclist on their journey, from beginners to seasoned riders. Together, we're shaping a vibrant cycling community where everyone feels welcome and inspired to ride.

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"Velosophy isn't just about cycling; it's about embracing the journey, building connections, and sharing the joy of two wheels with a vibrant community. It's not just a ride; it's a vibe that uplifts and inspires."

Ryan A

Train with Power

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Garmin Edge 130 Plus

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