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With a proven track record in the pro peloton and a history of pioneering revolutionary technologies, 4iiii is committed to ensuring that cyclists, from professionals to enthusiasts, can easily access affordable and industry-leading equipment, embodying a spirit that goes beyond mere products.

"4iiii makes an incredible product, offering outstanding performance feedback and at an approachable price point. A perfect upgrade for all cyclists."

Product Team

Precision Sports Technology

The brand is synonymous with accurate and reliable performance metrics, providing cyclists with invaluable data to enhance their training and racing

Pro Peloton Dominance

4iiii has made a significant mark in the professional peloton, being the preferred choice of technology for top-tier cycling teams such as Etixx Quick Step and Bora Hansgrohe.

Affordable Elite Performance

One of the standout features of 4iiii is its commitment to making elite sports technology accessible to a broader audience. The brand is known for offering high-performance equipment at affordable prices.

Who is 4iiii?

Nestled in the breathtaking foothills of the Canadian Rockies, 4iiii Innovations Inc. - a trailblazing sports technology company on a mission to unleash the full potential of riders through intuitive training tools. From cutting-edge cycling power meters and heart rate monitors to state-of-the-art cycling trainers, 4iiii is revolutionizing both outdoor and indoor cycling experiences, catering to fitness enthusiasts and cyclists alike.

Why do we sell 4iiii?

because it represents more than just products – it signifies a legacy of innovation deeply rooted in the Canadian Rockies. With a proven track record in the pro peloton and a history of developing revolutionary technologies, 4iiii ensures that every cyclist, from professionals to enthusiasts, can access affordable, industry-leading equipment.

4iiii 4iiii PRECISION PRO Power Meter 105 FC-R7000 Dual 175mm / 50/34

4iiii PRECISION PRO Power Meter 105 FC-R7000 Dual Sided

$595.51 USD

4iiii PRECISION PRO Power Meter DURA-ACE FC-R9100 Dual Sided

Sold Out

4iiii Viiiiva Heartrate Monitor

Sold Out
4iiii 4iiii PRECISION Ride Ready XTR M9100 Power Meter Left Arm 165mm

4iiii PRECISION Ride Ready XTR M9100 Power Meter Left Arm

$443.67 USD

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How do I install and set up a 4iiii power meter on my bike?

Installing a 4iiii power meter involves attaching the device to your bike's crankset or other specified location. The process usually includes securing the power meter, pairing it with a compatible device or cycling computer, and calibrating it for accurate measurements. Detailed instructions and videos are often provided by 4iiii to guide users through the installation process.

Can I use a 4iiii power meter with my existing cycling computer or smart trainer?

Yes, most 4iiii power meters are designed to be compatible with a wide range of cycling computers, GPS devices, and smart trainers. These devices typically use standard communication protocols like ANT+ or Bluetooth, allowing seamless integration with popular cycling technology brands. Compatibility details are usually listed on the 4iiii website or product documentation.

How often should I calibrate my 4iiii power meter, and is it a complicated process?

Calibration frequency can vary, but a general recommendation is to perform a calibration before each ride. Calibration ensures accurate power measurements. The process is typically straightforward and involves following the manufacturer's instructions, which may include tasks like zero-offset calibration or spin-down calibration for certain models. Calibration is often done through a compatible cycling computer or smartphone app.

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