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Rapha is a renowned cycling brand synonymous with elegance and performance, crafting high-quality apparel and accessories that seamlessly blend style and function for discerning cyclists.

"Much like Tom Ford sets the standard for sophistication and elegance in fashion, Rapha establishes itself as a benchmark for quality and aesthetic excellence in the world of cycling attire."

Product Team

Performance Innovation

Rapha is renowned for pushing the boundaries of performance innovation in cycling apparel. The brand consistently introduces cutting-edge designs, advanced technical fabrics, and ergonomic features to enhance comfort and functionality for cyclists.

Cycling Community Hub

Beyond apparel, Rapha is a community hub for cyclists. Through the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) and Clubhouses in major cycling cities globally, the brand fosters a sense of community, offering exclusive access to products, experiences, and a shared passion for the sport.

Elevated Aesthetic

Rapha is known for seamlessly blending style with performance. The brand's apparel not only excels in technical aspects but also boasts a sophisticated and distinctive aesthetic. Rapha has elevated cycling fashion, making a statement both on and off the bike.

Best Sellers


Rapha Men's Core Jersey

$88.88 USD

Rapha Men's Core Bib Shorts

$144.43 USD

Rapha Women's Core Jersey

$88.88 USD

Rapha Women's Core Bib Shorts

$144.43 USD

Who is Rapha?

Rapha, a leading name in cycling apparel, epitomizes a perfect blend of style and performance. With a commitment to creating gear for the dedicated cyclist, Rapha seamlessly marries innovative design, high-quality materials, and a passion for the sport. From the iconic Rapha Brevet to the sleek Pro Team collection, each piece reflects the brand's dedication to enhancing the cycling experience on every road and in all conditions.

Why do we sell Rapha?

because it represents the pinnacle of cycling apparel. The brand's innovative designs, use of advanced technical fabrics, and meticulous attention to detail ensure that our customers receive products that not only enhance their cycling experience but also embody a perfect balance of comfort and style. Rapha's influence extends beyond mere clothing; it fosters a community and lifestyle that resonates with the passion and dedication we share with our customers. Plus, they have stood the test of time and design!


Rapha Men's Core Winter Jacket

$181.47 USD

Rapha Pro Team Shoes

Sold Out

Rapha Men's Core Jersey

$88.88 USD

Rapha Pro Team Full Frame Glasses

$203.69 USD

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What sets Rapha apart from other cycling apparel brands?

Rapha stands out through its unwavering commitment to both performance and style. Our cycling apparel not only incorporates cutting-edge technology and innovative design but also reflects a sophisticated aesthetic that seamlessly transitions from the road to everyday life.

How does Rapha foster a sense of community among cyclists?

Rapha is dedicated to building a global cycling community through initiatives like the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) and Clubhouses in major cities. These platforms offer cyclists exclusive access to products, events, and a supportive community, creating a space for shared experiences and a love for the sport.

What sustainability practices does Rapha implement in its products?

Rapha is committed to minimizing its environmental impact. They prioritize responsible sourcing of materials, including renewable or recycled options, and aim to make 90% of their products and packaging more sustainable by 2025. Their dedication extends to repairing items through a free repairs service, promoting a circular approach to consumption.

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