Continental Tube PV 700x20-25 Light - Bicicletta
Continental Tube PV 700x20-25 Light - Bicicletta
Continental Tube PV 700x20-25 Light - Bicicletta
Tube PV 700x20-25 Light
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The Continental Race 28 Light Tube is made from high quality butyl and has thinner walls than the standard Continental inner tube helping to reduce the weight. With three different valve length options and weighing only 82g, this is the perfect little upgrade to shed some weight off your road bike.


  • Material: High-quality butyl
  • Threaded: 42mm and 60mm Valve
  • Un-Threaded: 80mm Valve
  • Removeable Value Core: Yes
  • Tyre Size Range: 700x20-25c

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