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3T Cycling is an Italian cycle sport company. It was founded in 1961. 3T switched production to carbon-fiber composite materials and in 2008 returned to pro cycling after several years' absence. For the 2008 season it sponsored the Tinkoff team which won the Tour de France.

3T New Strada Force AXS


Aero & comfortable frame featuring clean, internal cable routing. Optimized for real world aerodynamics while maintaining comfort, because without comfort you won't be able to keep the aero position.


A New Era of Gravel.


Why Suffer For Speed?

The Strada ICR undoubtedly offers excellent ride quality, confident handling and a take on front-end integration that still enables a good degree of personalization.


It's a truly stunning bike with breathtaking speed, impressive smoothness and fine handling balance. If this is the future, as some people have speculated, we’re sold.


The 3T Exploro is an aero optimised gravel bike that is entirely capable on-road, yet it comes alive on flowing singletrack and off-road climbs. If we were designing a do-it-all gravel bike, there's little we'd do differently than 3T has done with the Exploro


The 3T Exploro RaceMax is just plain fast.


3T Exploro Ultra gravel bike is the most versatile, most comfortable Exploro yet.

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