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From creating the world’s lightest saddle in 1970 to reinventing the aero gravel bike in 2016 with the Exploro, 3T relentlessly leads the way for riders seeking unparalleled performance and visionary engineering.

"Like an artist’s brush on a canvas, 3T doesn’t just design bikes; they compose symphonies of speed, comfort, and innovation, turning every ride into a masterpiece"

Product Team

Aerodynamic Prowess

3T has consistently led the way in aerodynamic innovations, producing some of the fastest aero wheels, handlebars, and bikes in the cycling world.

Gravel Revolution

The 2016 launch of the Exploro showcased 3T's ability to redefine gravel biking, blending aerodynamics with off-road capability and inspiring a new era in adventure cycling.

Continuous Innovation

From the first fully opening stem in 1982 to the world's widest aero gravel dropbar in 2020, 3T's commitment to innovation remains unwavering, setting standards for the entire cycling industry.

Best Sellers

3T 3T Exploro RACE Rival AXS 2x Emerald/White / XXS

3T Exploro RaceMax Rival AXS 2x12

$4,147.07 USD $4,887.75 USD

3T Exploro Ultra Rival AXS 1x12 700c

$4,369.28 USD $5,035.89 USD

3T Exploro RaceMax GRX 2x11

$3,480.46 USD $3,850.80 USD

3T Extrema Italia Rival GX Eagle AXS

$7,850.48 USD

Who is 3T?

Established in 1961 as Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese by visionary Mario Dedioniggi, 3T has been a crucible of cycling innovation for over six decades. The journey began with groundbreaking creations like the world's lightest saddle, and 3T continued to redefine the cycling landscape with pioneering advancements, from aerodynamic handlebars to aero gravel bikes. The relentless pursuit of excellence, craftsmanship, and technological prowess defines 3T's legacy in the cycling world.

Why do we sell 3T?

3T aligns seamlessly with our ethos, delivering not just bicycles but a revolution in ride experiences. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, aerodynamics, and design mirrors our passion for providing cyclists with the best. By offering 3T, we empower riders to embark on extraordinary journeys fueled by cutting-edge technology and a rich cycling heritage.

3T Exploro Ultra Boost Force AXS 1x

Sold Out

3T Exploro RaceMax Apex XPLR AXS 1x12

$3,480.46 USD $4,147.07 USD

3T Exploro Team Ekar 1x13

Sold Out

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What sets 3T apart in the cycling world?

3T stands out with a rich history of pioneering innovations, creating benchmarks in lightweight design, aerodynamics, and ergonomic excellence.

Are 3T bikes suitable for all types of riders?

Yes, 3T caters to a diverse spectrum of cyclists, from road enthusiasts to gravel adventurers, providing cutting-edge solutions for varied riding styles.

What recent innovations has 3T introduced to the cycling community?

In 2020, 3T introduced RAM (Radius as Measured) & WAM (Width as Measured) to standardize tire dimensions, revolutionizing the industry's approach to tire clearance.