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Elevate your cycling experience with Mosaic Cycles, where practical performance meets unrivaled beauty. Crafted without self-imposed limits, each Mosaic bike is a personalized embodiment of the rider's aspirations.

"Mosaic Cycles – where precision, passion, and pedal power collide, turning the ordinary ride into an extraordinary journey!"

Product Team


Mosaic is renowned for its craftsmanship, with each bike meticulously crafted through a small-batch process, ensuring precision and attention to detail.


The brand is celebrated for its commitment to individual rider expression, offering personalized fittings, a diverse range of models, and locally painted frames for a unique aesthetic.


Mosaic's choice of materials, primarily titanium, reflects its commitment to versatility, allowing riders to experience a broad spectrum of ride options, from top-tier carbon stiffness to enduring comfort.

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Who is Mosaic?

Mosaic Cycles, a beacon of individuality in the cycling world, goes beyond factory constraints to create bespoke bikes that embody rider aspirations. Rooted in values honed through meticulous fabrication, Mosaic champions personalized fit and performance. With titanium and steel as primary materials, their bikes offer versatility from carbon-like stiffness to enduring comfort. Mosaic's small-batch process ensures precision, epitomized by locally painted frames that fuse artistry with engineering. Collaborating with Mosaic Dealers for personalized fittings, riders experience a harmonious blend of fit, aesthetics, and performance in a dialed-in journey from the first ride.

Why do we sell Mosaic?

because they represent the epitome of craftsmanship and personalization in the cycling world. Mosaic's commitment to merging performance, fit, and aesthetics aligns with our dedication to providing riders with bikes that transcend expectations. The small-batch, individualized approach ensures that each Mosaic bike is a work of art tailored to the unique preferences of our customers.


What sets Mosaic Cycles apart from other bike brands?

Mosaic stands out through its meticulous small-batch process, crafting bikes with unparalleled attention to detail and a commitment to rider individuality.

How does Mosaic prioritize fit and performance in its bike designs?

Mosaic places the rider at the core of the design process, offering personalized fittings and a diverse range of models to balance fit and performance seamlessly.

What makes Mosaic's choice of materials unique?

Mosaic primarily utilizes titanium and steel, selecting these forever materials for their lightness, liveliness, and the ability to achieve a versatile spectrum of ride characteristics.