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"Ibis Bicycles: Where every trail tells a story, and every ride is an exploration of innovation and resilience."

Product Team

Ibis Bicycles, a trailblazer in mountain bike manufacturing based in Northern California, has been synonymous with innovation since its inception in 1981. Known for iconic models like Mojo, Ripmo, and Ripley, Ibis is a global brand crafting high-performance carbon and aluminum frames, backed by a rich history and a commitment to independence.


Ibis is renowned for groundbreaking designs, including the distinctive "Moron" tubing, the sculpture-like "Hand Job" cable hanger, and the innovative "BowTi" full suspension frame without pivots.


Overcoming bankruptcy in 2000, Ibis exemplifies resilience and determination, making a triumphant return to the industry in 2005 and continuing to push the boundaries of mountain bike design.

High-Performance Frames

Ibis is synonymous with crafting high-performance carbon and aluminum frames, with iconic models like Mojo, Ripmo, and Ripley, offering riders an unparalleled experience on the trails.

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Ibis HD6

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Who is Ibis?

Founded in 1981 by mountain biking pioneer Scot Nicol, Ibis Bicycles emerged from Nicol's garage and quickly became a symbol of ingenuity. Despite facing challenges, the brand returned in 2005 under the leadership of Hans Heim, Scot Nicol, Tom Morgan, and Roxy Lo. With a focus on carbon and aluminum frames, Ibis continues to redefine mountain biking, celebrating a legacy of innovation and resilience.

Why do we sell Ibis?

because it represents more than just mountain bikes; it embodies a legacy of innovation and independence. Ibis frames, including the renowned Mojo and Ripmo, showcase cutting-edge design and a commitment to quality. As a brand that bounced back from challenges, Ibis is not just a bike; it's a testament to overcoming obstacles and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in mountain biking.

Ibis HD6

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Ibis Ripmo AF NGX

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What makes Ibis Bicycles unique in the mountain biking industry?

Ibis stands out for its rich history of innovation, from pioneering designs like the "Moron" tubing to iconic features like the "Hand Job" cable hanger. The brand's commitment to pushing boundaries sets it apart.

How has Ibis contributed to the evolution of mountain bike frame technology over the years?

Ibis has been a pioneer in frame innovation, introducing the "Moron" tubing design in 1994, known for its strength and lightweight construction. The brand's commitment to pushing technological boundaries is evident in designs like the "BowTi," showcasing their influence on the evolution of mountain bike frames.

What materials are used in Ibis frames, and how has the brand embraced innovation in frame design?

Ibis frames are predominantly crafted from carbon, with recent forays into aluminum. The brand has a history of groundbreaking designs, such as the "BowTi," a unique full suspension frame without pivots, showcasing their commitment to innovation.

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