Galfer Galfer FD469 Brake Pads - SRAM HRD, RED 22, FORCE, RIVAL Pro
Galfer Galfer Brake Pads FD469 - SRAM HRD, RED 22, FORCE, RIVAL Road
Galfer Galfer FD469 Brake Pads - SRAM HRD, RED 22, FORCE, RIVAL Standard
FD469 Brake Pads - SRAM HRD, RED 22, FORCE, RIVAL
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All Galfer brake pads feature a semi-metallic compound with organic components and offer a wide range of properties that promise consistent braking performance over the long term.

  • absence of noise
  • better response, progressiveness and braking power
  • minimization of vibration to the wheel
  • less wear on the brake discs
  • resistance to high temperatures
  • increased durability


Specifications of the Galfer Road G1455 brake pads

The blue brake pads were especially developed for road bikes. High braking power in all weather conditions combined with long durability makes them a faithful and reliable companion on long rides.



  • FD293G1455 - Deore BR-M4146 / BR-M445 / BR-M446 / BR-M485 / BR-M486 / BR-M515 / BR-M525 / BR-M575, BR-C601
  • FD427G1455 - Avid XX, X0, Elixir 1 / 3 / 5 / 7
  • FD436G1455 - Magura MT2, MT4, MT6, MT8, MTS
  • FD451G1455 - Formula Mega, The One, C1, R0, R1, RR1, RX, T1
  • FD452G1455 - Shimano XTR BR-M985 (2011), Deore XT BR-M785, SLX BR-M666
  • FD459G1455 - SRAM Guide / Avid X0 Trail, Elixir 7 Trail, Elixir 9 Trail
  • FD465G1455 - Hope E4, RX4
  • FD469G1455 - SRAM HRD, RED 22, Force, Rival, Level TLM / Ultimate
  • FD496G1455 - Shimano Dura Ace, Ultegra, BR-RS405, BR-RS305

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