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Instinct 2S


Updated with an improved GPS and a few tricks taken from the fēnix line, this is an Instinct you can trust. With the Instinct 2 Solar Garmin has brought a multi-GNSS GPS and more activity profiles to their rugged Instinct line. By speaking to more satellites, you get a faster, more accurate signal in challenging conditions. GPS data is used both in navigation and in sport modes, getting you where you need to go and providing real-time speed and distance data along the way. The S-series use a smaller case that is more comfortable on slim wrists. Equipped with the latest Elevate™ optical heart rate monitor you get pulse information straight off your wrist, so there's no need to wear a chest strap. Sport profiles add custom metrics to how you train, letting you train smarter and evolve faster. When paired with the free Garmin Connect™ app on your phone, you can review activities, set up live tracking sessions, track real-time weather forecasts, receive notifications, control apps and much more.

  • S-series’ smaller case is more comfortable and offers a more accurate heart rate signal on smaller wrists
  • Multi-GNSS signal reception supports: GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellite constellations, providing a faster and more accurate positioning and elevation data
  • Satellite caching saves satellite data, for fast, accurate satellite signal in any terrain
  • Tilt compensated 3-axis electronic compass shows your heading even when you are stationary, ensuring that you are always facing the right direction
  • Barometric altimeter tracks ascents, descents and total elevation changes
  • Storm alarm tracks pressure changes and alerts you when it’s time to find shelter. Extended weather data can also come in via the connection to your phone
  • Power manager uses pre-set and custom power profiles to balance battery life and GPS accuracy
  • Built-in activity modes for hiking, biking, running, strength training (with rep counter), walking, swimming, golf, yoga, climbing and more
  • Pre-loaded and customizable workouts, you can even race past activities
  • Move IQ detects and tracks activity; it appears in your Connect timeline to credit all your daily exercise
  • Mountain biking dynamics distance and speed, grit: overall trail difficulty, and flow: a score of how smoothly you rode the trail
  • TracBack mode navigates you safely back to where you started
  • Course navigation, via created or downloaded courses
  • Breadcrumb trails track your trek, navigate you to a saved location or entered coordinate (there are no maps for routing)
  • LiveTrack™, share your location and fitness data during activities (through a phone)
  • Elevate™ 4.0 optical heart rate monitor has improved accuracy and twice the number of infrared sensors for more precise Pulse Ox data, and even works while swimming
  • Physiological data: VO2 max, performance indicator and recovery advisor that takes altitude and temperature into consideration
  • Broadcast of your HR over ANT+ (so other devices can pick it up)
  • Body Battery™ tracks daily energy levels, monitoring what drains your energy (exercise) and recharges your energy (rest, food), letting you train smarter
  • Fitness age takes your activity level, heart rate and BMI into account to let you know if you are performance matches your age
  • 24/7 activity tracking, Instinct 2 learns your activity level and helps guide you towards a more active lifestyle
  • Sleep tracking and sleep score mode monitors rest, periods of movement, deep and light REM sleep stages and scores them in a glanceable widget
  • Counts flights of stairs with internal barometric altimeter data combined with step data
  • Weekly intensity minutes displayed against the ideal for health of 150
  • Incident detection uses sensors to detect accidents. In the case of an accident a message and your location will be sent through your paired phone to your emergency contacts
  • If you feel unsafe, assistance mode sends out a LiveTrack link letting your contacts know where you are
  • Automatically sync data to a phone running the Connect app
  • Smart notifications (emails, texts, alerts and more) via Bluetooth connection to a compatible phone
  • Connects with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart sensors, from temperature pods, to speed and cadence pods
  • Customizable display lets you set-up your screen how you want it
  • Connect IQ allows you to download apps, widgets, templates, data fields and more
  • Rugged construction with MIL-STD-810G certification for thermal, shock and water resistance (100m)
  • Fits wrist circumference of 112-180mm
  • In the box: Instinct 2S, charging/data cable and documentation

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