Huck Norris Huck Norris Tubeless Tire Insert Pair M

Huck Norris Tubeless Tire Insert Pair

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Huck Norris is a patent-pending system that helps to prevent pinch flats and rim damage. The insert sits inside your tire providing the same riding characteristics as you would ride without an insert. No bulky feel or unwanted characteristics. Easy to install and no need for special valves.

Key benefits

  • Tire puncture protection – Ultimate pinch flat protection with the hamburger version
  • Rim protection – the insert spreads the impact to wider area and fills the rim center
  • Easy tubeless installation – Faster than a tube system. No tools needed
  • Sidewall support – the insert sits between the rim beads but allows the tire roll when needed
  • Extra damping – especially the sandwich and hamburger will smoothen your ride
  • “Ladder design” prevents center impacts but keeps the system weight reasonable
  • Closed-cell foam does not absorb the sealant – 60ml sealant is enough for each wheel
  • 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ from the same package – User just cuts down to the preferred size
  • No special valves needed

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