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There’s nothing worse than a bad bike fit, except maybe an ill-fitting kit. More on that later…

Look, we get it, buying a bike online can be a hassle and we want to make it easy for you. This is why we guarantee your bike will fit you straight out of the box when you purchase it using our Virtual Bike Fit Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

Connect with one of our Rider Support Team via online chat or select Virtual Bike Fit from our catalogue. When you use our VBFG to purchase a new bike, we’ll guarantee total size satisfaction. If your bike isn't right for you, you can return it, at no cost, within 30 days of delivery for an exchange, full refund, or Bicicletta store credit. If you don’t use our VBFG program, don't worry, you can still return your bike in 15 days for an exchange or refund. 

So, when your bike arrives, take a ride around the block on a dry day to get a feel for it. If you’re not vibing, box it back up and send it back to us. No cost.

Bikes determined at our discretion to be clean and in the original condition will be eligible for a full refund. Bikes must be returned in the original box and/or packaging and in original condition. Bikes with any damage beyond normal wear and tear (such as minor nicks, scratches, dirt on the tires, etc.) are not eligible for return.

So, before you decide to go for a serious rip, please make sure this is the bike for you. If you aren't sure, you can always reach out to our Rider Support Team via online chat.

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If you made us pick a wheelset for our next trail build or for our current steed, ENVE's M635 Wheelset would be at or near the top of a very short list. It simply distills everything we want in a modern trail wheelset into a potent and competent package. Ideal for days that see elevation numbers climb towards five digits and require a confidence inspiring ride that will have you charging those hard earned lines on the way down, this wheelset does it all.

This latest version sees a massive increase of internal width all the way up to 35mm, which helps you get the most out of the latest crop of new rubber in the 2.5 to 2.8in range. Boost spacing, front and rear, ensures that the bike has adequate stiffness between the dropouts and that it accurately tracks through any high-speed corner and steamrolls the gnarliest rock gardens on the mountain. The increased tire volume and stiffness granted by the increased width make the M635 the definitive wheelset for all-mountain outings.

The M635 caters to the ever growing segment of riders who prize the increased traction and comfort that comes with riding larger volume tires without resorting to the heavy and often vague feeling ride that comes from plus tires and wheels. The M635 amazingly comes in at a lower weight than the HV model and is a perfect complement to your 5 to 6.5in trail and all-mountain ride. The redesigned, larger hookless bead is both substantially more impact resistant than the outgoing HV and is designed to mitigate pinch flats. Of course, the extra width internally is perhaps the biggest star of the show, and we've really come to appreciate the higher tire volume it allows. With it comes an increase in cornering stability and more tread on the trail so you can attack sections with a new found furor.

All ENVE wheels, including the M635, feature ENVE's patented manufacturing techniques, which allow the wheels to be light, durable, and impressively stiff. The molded spoke holes, nipple seats, and valve holes are key ingredients responsible for ENVE's reputation of creating wheels that are the lightest weight and stiffest in the industry. ENVE molds the carbon fiber around each spoke and valve hole, rather than drilling, which cuts into the fibers, to maintain continuous integrity resulting in increased rigidity and a lower weight at the spoke face.

This advanced method of construction facilitates higher and more uniform spoke tension reducing the risk of nipples pulling through. Additionally, ENVE uses a process that removes the inner bladder after the molding process, resulting in gram savings compared to other wheel manufacturers who leave the rim-shaping, inflatable bladder in the rim after curing. This process takes time and skill—and does involve some additional cost—but it results in a lighter, better balanced rim.

ENVE is proud of developing, prototyping, and hand-building each and every rim under one roof in Northern Utah, and it doesn't leave any part of the construction to chance. Those exacting standards contribute to the longevity you’d expect out of a class-leading wheel manufacturer. Boost hubs are coming on more and more bikes since they offer better tracking and stiffen things up from stem to stern. These wheels laugh in the face of black diamond trails and promise the holy trinity of lightweight, high stiffness, and durability.

  • The definitive trail wheelset fears no gradient and terrain
  • Lightweight and bombproof carbon construction
  • Increased internal width for higher volume tires
  • Wider hookless bead increases durability and saves tires
  • Choose between 6-bolt and Centerlock rotor interface
  • All of ENVE's wheels are handcrafted and built in Ogden, Utah