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There’s nothing worse than a bad bike fit, except maybe an ill-fitting kit. More on that later…

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ENVE's M6 line of wheels are the definitive mountain biker's wheelset, and it brings lightweight and super versatile wheelsets bridging the gap between cross country racing and all-mountain riding, in the super competitive segment of the market known as trail. The wheels perfectly meld the speed and performance needed for spirited riding while providing plenty of backbone for superior durability and abuse. Taking the attributes of everything we loved from that lineup, ENVE introduces the M640 Boost Wheelset, allowing you to enjoy the incredible traction that can only come from the marshmallow soft plus size tires in a package that ensures you still have that coveted ENVE ride.

The 29-inch M640 rim weighs in at 485g, which is pretty impressive given the wheels intended trail use on bikes up to 160mm of travel and the fact that it has to provide a excellent tubeless seal and support the extra leverage that comes from running 2.7 through 3.2-inch tires run at very low pressures. A good chunk of the weight savings comes from the wide hookless beads. They're lighter and offer better impact resistant for the rim against the trail and an excellent buffer for the tire, preventing pinch flats while running low tire pressures. That 40mm wide internal rim width is solely optimized for plus size tires and it helps achieve a rounder tire profile translating to greater cornering stability and more rubber on the ground at any given time.

ENVE spent many hours in the lab and on the trail ensuring that the ride of the M640 was classic ENVE. Anyone who’s familiar with ENVE knows the fanatical lengths that its engineers go to in order to achieve a perfect ride feel. As with its narrower siblings, the M640 Plus has been tuned to provide a great degree of vertical compliance, which reduces rider fatigue, without sacrificing the fantastic lateral rigidity that endows ENVE with the “on rails” feeling for which they’re prized, especially important with those plush plus tires.

The rims are always the star of the show when talking about ENVE wheels, but it's also worth noting that these wheels are hand built in Ogden, Utah to exacting standards. This provides the longevity you’d come to expect out of a class-leading wheel system. They’re laced to DT Swiss 240 hubs, with your choice of either a centerlock or 6-bolt rotor mounting interface. Additionally, you can choose between a standard HG freehub or an XD driver for use with SRAM’s 1x11 and 12-speed drivetrains. The 240s have become a staple for their lightweight construction, remarkable durability, and tool-free service, which makes them a perfect match on an ENVE wheelset. Boost spaced hubs provide exceptional stiffness and affords frames and forks the clearance necessary to run the wider tires. Mount up the M640 29-inch wheels, and your favorite plus size tires, and prepare to be blown away with unworldly levels of traction and comfort on the trails.

  • Classic ENVE, now plus-sized
  • Lightweight and bombproof carbon construction
  • Wider internal width designed for plus-sized tires
  • 6-bolt or centerlock rotor interface and HG or XD drivers
  • Hand-built in Ogden, Utah
  • Wide hookless bead provides reliable tubeless setup and impact resistance