Shimano Shimano Brake XTR M9120 Front

Shimano Brake XTR M9120

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4-piston disc brake with 2-finger brake lever.

Fits seamlessly into the line-up of the new XTR M9100 component group. Higher braking force with less effort on the fingers and extremely linear response to the lever movement.

Starting from a brake system, which was already the benchmark for mountain bike brake systems, the Shimano engineers revised the design of the new brake levers M9120. Both the clamp and the lever body itself have been modified. The clamp moves further into the middle of the lever and is angled. This cleverly supports the outer end of the expansion tank directly on the handlebar and creates an additional abutment when the lever is actuated. This significantly increases stiffness and stability, which ultimately leads to an even more direct braking feel and improved controllability.

The brake pads and brake discs have also been revised to match the newly developed brake calipers. The four-piston brakes use brake pads with cooling fins. (N04A metal). The design of the brake discs is a further development of the successful ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA design.

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