Crankbrothers Crankbrothers Cleats Standard / 6 Degrees
Crankbrothers Crankbrothers Cleats Standard / 0 Degrees
Crankbrothers Crankbrothers Cleats Easy Release / 0 Degrees
Crankbrothers Crankbrothers Cleats Easy Release / 6 Degrees

Crankbrothers Cleats

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Crankbrothers'new cleats provide the optimal experience for every rider.

Select from Easy Release cleats that make it easier to unclip,orPremium Release cleatsoptimized for Crankbrothers pedals. Both are available in options with or without float.

  • Release angle varies from 10-15 Degrees
  • 0-6 Degrees of Float
  • Average Weight: 30g/pair
  • Float: 0 (Zero Float) 6 (W/ Float)
  • Release Angle: 15 Degrees (Premium) 10 Degrees (Easy Release)

Please note that components are subject to change and may not be exactly as pictured.