Watts & Minerals Electrolyte Tablets

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BORN WATTS & MINERALS is a low carb, electrolyte drink in a convenient effervescent tablet. Ensuring excellent hydration with a complex mix of minerals; magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and chloride. WATTS & MINERALS also contains WATTS UP® a proprietary whole fruit extract from Citrus Sinensis, clinically proven to increase efficiency of the mitochondria and their ability to convert ADP to ATP, the cell's energy providers.

  • Low-Carb, effective hydration
  • Convenient effervescent tablet
  • All-natural WATTS UP®
  • Clinically proven effect on the mitochondria
  • More efficiency in ATP conversion, more watts (up to +5%!)
  • Anti-doping tested (NZVT)
  • Relevant for all sports training