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CeramicSpeed UFO Chain KMC 11S Parts - Chains
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UFO Chain KMC 11S


CeramicSpeed wants your chain to be another tool to outpace the competition. Their UFO KMC X11-SL 11-Speed Chain does just that, saving you two to five watts over your regular chain and lube. And the new formula is up to 15% faster than the old formula.

The secret is their Ultra Fast Optimization process, UFO, which utilizes a brand-new, totally-clean KMC X11-SL 11 eleven-speed chain that is soaked in a proprietary wax and Teflon bath. The initial UFO process was created by Friction Facts, the testing concern. CeramicSpeed took over the production and sales thereof. Eventually buying Friction Facts completely. And once in-house in Denmark, they figured out a few improvements to make the chain even faster.

When the chain arrives, it will still have some dried wax and Teflon dust on the exterior. The wax will quickly flake off in the first few minutes of use and the dust will come off as well.

Think of this as a race-day chain. Great for time trials, triathlons, your most important road race of the season, your best Ironman, etc. Ride your regular chain until the day of the race, install the UFO chain just before you warm-up, and remove it after cool-down.

The chain, once installed, should be optimized for 370 miles (600km) of riding in relatively clean riding conditions. During this time frame, do not lube the chain. If you need to clean it, a dry cloth or soft brush is best. If you’re using it in wet conditions, lube the chain with a wax-based lube that has Teflon in it - CeramicSpeed recommends Squirt lube. The UFO finish isn’t considered ideal for muddy conditions, so if it’s a messy mtb race, another chain might be better.

The chain comes packages with a full 116-link chain, a KMC master-link and a little bottle of Squirt lube. Follow standard KMC chain mounting instructions. If you take it off to re-use for another race, use another master link. Any 11-speed master link will do.

KMC was chosen for this process because the chain is light and stiff and compatible with all 11-speed derailleur systems. It can be used with 10-speed systems as well.

The CeramicSpeed UFO KMC X11-SL 11-Speed Chain is dangerously smooth.

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