Pinarello Pinarello Dogma F12 Disc Frameset A561 BOB / 42cm
Pinarello Pinarello Dogma F12 Disc Frameset A565 Vulcan Red / 53cm
Pinarello Pinarello Dogma F12 Disc Frameset A569 Mars Orange / 53cm
Pinarello Pinarello Dogma F12 Disc Frameset A563 Astro White / 42cm
Pinarello Pinarello Dogma F12 Disc Frameset A566 Grey Black / 53cm
Pinarello Pinarello Dogma F12 Disc Frameset A571 Zeus Blue / 42cm

Pinarello Dogma F12 Disc Frameset

The frame isn't just about dodging wind. It's main job is to sit under you and transfer watts, with it's combination of low weight, racing geometry, and boosted stiffness.
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In recent decades, no bike model has enjoyed the grand tour success of Pinarello's Dogma line.

With the release of the Dogma F12 Road Frameset—not to mention the rise, in Bernal, of what looks like SKY/Ineos's next Tour winner—Pinarello looks poised to continue that dominance into the next generation of cycling talent. As usual, the gains between Dogma generations don't necessarily overwhelm when considered individually, but they're cumulative effect is impressive when framed in a competitive context. The aerodynamic gains alone net a claimed 1 second gain across a single kilometer when travelling at 25mph, meaning that the bike may be built for the top pros in the world, but even we humble category racers can unlock the benefits it affords.

Pinarello credits the overall aerodynamic gains to various locations of the bike. Using the corresponding components of the Dogma F10 as a reference point, the new integrated Talon Ultra bar/stem unit accounts for 5% and the fork and frame combine for 7.3% gains. We've long become accustomed to aerodynamic tube and fork shaping, but the Talon represents Pinarello's most dedicated foray into wind-dodging cockpit components, an ever-expanding trend in the industry.

The frame isn't just about dodging wind, though. Its main job is to sit under you and transfer watts, and its combination of low weight, do-it-all racing geometry, and boosted stiffness ensure it'll do just that. Stiffness is always a key for race bikes, and Pinarello ensures gains in that department, too, specifically at the bottom bracket, which boasts a claimed 10% increase in stiffness. This is coming on top of bike whose asymmetric geometry also reinforces the drive side for increased stiffness, and it does it all without adding any unnecessary grams compared to the F10. All told, this makes the Dogma F12 versatile enough that it's Ineos's choice for everyone from the pure mountain goats like Bernal to the scrappy rouleurs like Rowe and the puncheurs like Kwiatkowski.

In closing, a few notes on compatibilities and standards. First, the claimed weight of 820g (frameset only, unpainted) brings it into alignment with previous Dogma models. No surprises there. The bottom bracket is another reassuringly unchanged element: Italian threaded. We can't speak highly enough about threaded bottom brackets. CNC machining provides more precise tolerances, reducing the creaks, pops, and longevity issues we've occasionally experienced with press-fit models. The Talon bars also feature some threading in the form of head unit mounting options, with separately sold mounts for Garmin, Polar, and Wahoo units. And we'd be remiss not to call-out the all-important tire clearance spec: the Dogma F12 officially clears 28mm, so it's not a gravel racer by any means, but it certainly has more than enough clearance for any tires we'd race on the road with.

  • An all-around road race frame proven at the highest levels
  • Aerodynamic tweaks add a claimed 1 second per km at 25mph
  • Geometry designed for everything from sprints to climbs
  • Toray's peerless carbon ensures low weight and high stiffness
  • Nanoalloy technology increases resistance to impacts
  • Threaded bottom bracket reduces creaks, pops, and wear
  • Clearance for 28mm tires adds options for any road race
  • From Indurain to Froome, few manufacturers enjoy Pinarello's grand tour pedigree

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