Welcome to the darkside.

Evil Bikes

The Dark Lord of Singletrack isn’t a moniker we plastered on just any random bike. The Offering LS earned it. Like a versatile pocketknife, this 141mm 29” trail platform has proven itself more capable than any jumble of geo numbers can describe. Its capabilities bridge conventional genres to bang on a broader drum. Paired with a 150mm fork, the Offering is set to cover all trail types over the whole damn mountain.

Evil insurgent LS

The Insurgent LS is available as a mixed-wheel MX or full 27.5" platform. Small wheels with a 180mm fork for mind-melting laps, or MX with a 170mm fork for added stability, steeper lines, and plowing downstream. 27.5” never died. It just quit caring what people think.




Defies classification and exudes stoke.

The suspension is impressive too, when you’re up to speed and coasting. At the rear, the high initial leverage ratio gives a supple, ground-hugging feel.


The second thing you notice about Evil’s gravel bike (after the looks) is its stability. This bike was designed to crush rough courses like the Grinduro.


Riding the Wreckoning LS down trails I know well felt sped up, making them more exciting. Sections that are normally blasé on the Endurbro ballistic missiles in the stable made me fizz on the Wreckoning LS.


It has a very solid feel, and the short back end makes it easy to snap through tight turns and pop off of jumps.


Like a great punk rock band, Evil's The Following is a downcountry bike that's much more powerful than the sum of its parts.