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Transforming cycling since 1976, ASSOS of Switzerland pioneers unparalleled innovation in cycling apparel. From the world's first aerodynamic carbon fiber bicycle frame to revolutionary Lycra shorts, ASSOS is where bold design meets cutting-edge performance.

Lone cyclist in silhouette riding through an architectural corridor, embodying the essence of road biking @ Bici.

"The undeniable authority in cycling gear, where innovation isn't a suggestion, it's a full-throttle demand for excellence on two wheels. Easily, the leader in bib-shorts technology."

Product Team

Innovation in Cycling Apparel

Assos is renowned for its pioneering innovations in cycling apparel, introducing industry-firsts such as the world's first aerodynamic carbon fiber bicycle frame, the first Lycra shorts, and a series of groundbreaking advancements like the goldenGate seamless insert and rollBar stability platform.

Uncompromising Quality and Comfort

Assos has built a reputation for delivering unparalleled comfort and quality in its cycling gear. With a commitment to total comfort and technical performance, each Assos product undergoes meticulous testing and refinement, resulting in gear that enhances the overall riding experience.

Bold Experimental Design

Known for its unapologetically bold and experimental design approach, Assos pushes the boundaries of cycling apparel. From exclusive textiles to radical constructions, Assos consistently takes an innovative and fearless stance in developing gear that combines functionality, style, and cutting-edge technology.

Who is Assos?

Born in 1976 when Toni Maier redefined cycling aerodynamics with the world's first carbon fiber bike frame, ASSOS of Switzerland has relentlessly pursued excellence. From the iconic Lycra shorts that rendered wool obsolete to groundbreaking inventions like the goldenGate seamless insert and rollBar stability platform, ASSOS has shaped the evolution of cycling apparel. With an unyielding commitment to bold experimentation and over four decades of groundbreaking firsts, ASSOS remains an undisputed leader in engineering the world's most technologically advanced cycling equipment.

Why do we sell Assos?

because we believe in providing cyclists with access to the pinnacle of cycling innovation. ASSOS' rich history of groundbreaking firsts, commitment to unapologetic experimentation, and the relentless pursuit of comfort and performance aligns seamlessly with our dedication to offering premium, high-performance cycling gear. ASSOS is not just clothing; it's a transformative cycling experience that has earned its place as an industry leader for over four decades.


Why is Assos considered a pioneer in cycling apparel?

Assos revolutionized cycling apparel by introducing the world's first aerodynamic carbon fiber bicycle frame in 1976, setting the stage for a series of groundbreaking innovations, including the first Lycra shorts and anatomical skinsuit.

What sets Assos apart from other cycling brands?

Assos stands out with a rich history of 'firsts,' from the initial sublimation of a cycling jersey to the recent development of the goldenGate seamless insert and rollBar stability platform. The brand's commitment to bold experimentation and engineering excellence consistently pushes the boundaries of cycling gear.

How does Assos maintain its position as a leader in cycling equipment after more than four decades?

Assos maintains its leadership by adhering to a rigorous protocol of "Destroy. Reset. Improve." With over 25 patents, 400 Olympic and World Championship medals, and an unwavering dedication to combining total comfort with technical performance, Assos continually evolves its products through relentless testing and refinement.

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